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me, myself, and I

As a society we rely a little too much on ourselves. We want to control EVERYTHING about every aspect of our lives: career, health, relationships. Managing our own relationships even goes so far as to say that “we are our own best friend”. Being your own best friends is a way to express that you’re so jaded by the world that you have no other choice than to trust only yourself and call yourself your best friend.

It’s a passive aggressive way of saying that you “have walls”. Why would anyone want to even attempt to be your friend at that point? It sounds like life has gotten so hard and so betraying that you have no other choice than to rely on one person; yourself. Which, in itself, is a hard thing to do. Basically, it sounds like the attempt to trust anyone else isn’t even an option. Immediately you’re taken as a pessimist.

So no. I am not my own best friend. I can trust myself to extent, but if I were to rely solely on myself to figure things out and to make decisions I’d probably go mental. Imagine the only friend you have is yourself? What a bummer. Also, as soon as you start saying to people (or even just telling yourself) that you are your own best friend it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Eventually you ARE your own best friend whether you want it or not. Why would anyone try to penetrate the walls you’ve put up? They don’t. Resulting in none other than being your own best friend. We need a different perspective other than our own to really understand. To see it from one point of view is to be narrow-minded and what good is that?

Realistically, how much can you trust yourself? And how much can you realize how much you trust yourself without hearing the opinions of others. It’s impossible to do everything on our own and to try to convince ourselves that we can is insanity. We live in a very individualistic society where it is success if we do everything on our own, where asking for help is a sign of weakness, showing our feelings is being too vulnerable, and being unique and unlike anyone else is what we should strive for. Who decided that that way of living is the one we should abide by? How do I even begin to answer these questions on my own? I can’t. I need to ask my best friend – who isn’t myself. I don’t trust myself that much nor I do I know myself enough to say I am my own best friend. I need other people to survive and I am okay with that. 

(title image by Harold Edgerton via Airows.com)

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  1. CJ

    I think I’ve learned to trust myself…but I sure don’t want to be my own best friend. How boring is that? Your best friend would talk like you, walk like you, dress like you, cook like you…Yikes. Great Post.

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